Your best friend calls you and tells you he/she's really sick? How do you show you care? The wars of divorce are terrifying for both men and women. Being through divorce myself, not only made me depressed, but financially stagnated. Not only does divorce brings shame for failing, but divorce takes a toll on a woman’s finances. She loses an average of 30% of her living net worth.<br/> Losing this much income in a household can be dishearten, it was for me, however, there are some steps to secure your financial future. Here are few steps I did. You can add or subtract any of these for your situation.<br/> <br/> • I went back to school to complete my degree. At that time finishing a Bachelor’s Degree meant a higher paying job in order for me to provide for my two small children. If you have not completed your degree do so and continue with your education. Don’t stop at Bachelors; go for the Masters Degree.<br/> • If you have small children don’t hesitate to apply and receive child support. I have heard to many times from women, I don’t want to cause trouble or he want be able to live. Well, ladies today you are going to worry about your children and yourself, not you’re soon to be ex-husband.<br/> • Go to the bank to establish (if you don’t already) your own bank/credit account in your name. Inform credit holders of the divorce to freeze all accounts with both of your names on it. I remember going to the bank finding out my ex had drawn all the money of the joint checking account. Those were the days I believed in joint accounts only.<br/> • Buy your own car/house or rent your own apartment as soon as you know you are going to be separated or divorce. Again, I was driving a car that we both owned at the time, one day my ex decided he wanted to car while I was driving it and yes he took the car and I had to walk back home.<br/> • Get moral support. When I divorced I had family near by, they helped me with child care during working and school hours. It helped me so much. I also begin to seek counseling for both myself and my children. Divorce is not easy; its toll can mess with your sense of worth. We need help from time to time; seeking family therapist helping us pull through this time is a must.<br/> <br/> Anita R. Johnson, Speaker, Author, Wealth Manger Money Wisdom for Women<br/> 3104 O Street Suite 315<br/> Sacramento CA 95816<br/> Copyright (c) ARJ & Associates-Money Wisdom for Women<br/> <br/>

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